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Introducing Purple

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Mobile banking for people with disabilities

At Purple, we’re on a mission to empower individuals with disabilities to achieve financial independence. Purple is backed by the team at youBelong who built the first social network for those with disabilities. The launch of the Purple spending account and debit card is the first step on our way towards a more inclusive financial system.

Why Purple? The color purple represents wealth, creativity, independence and inclusion. It’s our goal to make banking more inclusive for everyone and we believe that the color purple embraces our core values.

People with disabilities lack access to affordable financial services because they’re overlooked by typical financial institutions. As a result, people with a disability are more likely to be unbanked and underbanked than those living without a disability. With Purple, we can provide people with disabilities the tools they need for a brighter financial future. We’re excited for the road ahead. Are you ready to start banking with Purple?

- Team Purple


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